7 Day Healthy You Challenge RSS

Day 7

Congratulations on finishing the challenge, there is no hard work for today, but rather just keep on doing what you'v...

Day 6

Time to optimize your daily routine. We've taken care of the core aspects, but like any process, there will be some t...

Day 5

Care For Your Body:With our plan in action, we've developed a decent set of habits that will help us achieve our heal...

Day 4

Expand Your Lifestyle:Today is a perfect day to pick one goal to achieve in your health and well being. We want you t...

Day 3

It's another easy day. After a quick morning routine, we are going to make a decision about one thing that we can cut...

Day 2

The Magic Morning!Welcome to Day #2. This is by far my favorite day. You get to go ahead and plan out a personalized ...

Day 1

Welcome to the challenge! I am so happy to have you here, so that we can work together on achieving ONE MAJOR GOAL ov...
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