Day 3

It's another easy day. After a quick morning routine, we are going to make a decision about one thing that we can cut back on in order to make room for newer better things that will help us achieve a goal or live the life we want. 

When we make a decision, we are cutting away some possibilities in favor of others. That is to say, realistically, our decisions shape what is possible for us. At any moment, we truly are only one decision away from living a completely different life than we currently live. In the context of today's challenge, we have chosen to parse the process of creating personal change into two parts, part one being cutting one thing out that does not contribute towards a goal that you would like to achieve, and part two being to turn to a new activity that directly moves you towards you goals. 

Our Challenge For The Day:

Step #1 - Choose one thing to cut back on to make time for better activities

Step #2 - (Optional) Post what you are going to cut back on in our Facebook group

- Less Social Media
- Less Video Games
- Less TV/Movies

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